At Osidge School, pupils foster their natural curiosity for science through an exciting, inclusive and inspiring curriculum. Through purposeful enquiry and a rich stimulating environment, pupils are given opportunities to explore, question and be challenged in order to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

We are proud that Osidge has been awarded the highest level Primary Science Quality Mark for our outstanding teaching of science. We take full advantage of our vast outdoor space to explore, observe and measure scientifically in nature as much as possible.

Following the National Curriculum Programme for Science, objectives about Scientific Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding are principally concerned with developing a body of scientific knowledge in children. They cover key facts and concepts in the wider areas of biology, physics and chemistry but have been arranged into units – or Programmes of Study – such as Plants, Everyday Materials, and Animals Including Humans. These programmes of study are taught sequentially during the child’s time in school, and are revisited in later years to consolidate and build knowledge.

Objectives under the heading The Nature, Process and Methods of Science (or working scientifically), focus on developing scientific enquiry skills. They encourage children to work and to behave like scientists, developing skills such as observation, planning, hypothesising and fair testing. These objectives are taught in context and in conjunction with all programmes of study.

Teachers at Osidge are free to deliver the programmes of study in any order they choose and use as much opportunity as possible for cross-curricular links.

In our science lessons, we learn lots of different areas
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