We are committed to a rich science curriculum that gives children lots of opportunities to experience science in a practical way.

In their science lessons, children will learn both substantive knowledge (curriculum content) and disciplinary knowledge (science skills) to ensure they have a solid basis to further their interest in science.

We are proud that Osidge has been awarded the gilt level Primary Science Quality Mark for our strong teaching of the science National Curriculum. We take full advantage of our vast outdoor space to explore, observe and measure scientifically in nature as much as possible.

Vision and Principles

Pupils foster their natural curiosity for science through an exciting, inclusive and inspiring curriculum. Skills and knowledge are developed in a stimulating environment, pupils are given opportunities to explore, question and be challenged in order to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

  • Pupils have engaging and stimulating science lessons which inspire them. 
  • Pupils have the opportunity to question and reflect upon their learning.
  • Pupils are challenged to develop key scientific skills and vocabulary to broaden their understanding. 
  • Pupils are encouraged to explore the world around them and build on their prior knowledge and forge cross-curricular links.
  • Pupils have practical hands-on experience of working with a range of scientific methods. 
  • Children have the chance to apply their science learning to real-life experiences making science meaningful and building their science capital.
  • Pupils have the chance to be independent and lead their own learning. 
  • Pupils have the chance to foster their natural curiosity and use a range of scientific strategies  and skills to explore ideas.
  • Pupils pose questions and use discussion to develop their ideas and understanding.

You can find out more about how our science principles link to scientific enquiry here.

In our science lessons, we learn lots of different areas
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We have a Science Journal written by children for children.

Our brilliant journal is the outcome of a weekly club where Y5 and Y6 children meet. Like true scientists, all the information in the journal is researched, collated and written by them. Inspired by topics in the news or recent scientific discoveries, the children pick a theme and delve deep to find out more.
Space edition

Animal edition