Our Values and Vision

Osidge Vision

At Osidge we are working to create a rich learning environment where an energised school community works together to develop resilient and independent children who achieve their best.


At Osidge, we think that it is essential to teach children values which will be fundamentally useful, regardless of the ever-changing political and educational landscapes. Our six core values, which we seek to instil in our children, are therefore central to Osidge and underpin all that goes on in the school.

We therefore encourage our children and the wider school community to show:

  • Appreciation
  • Care
  • Determination
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

You can find out more about our values education here.

New School Logo

We have a new school logo! Read all about it here.

Find out more about how the children came up with the new design here.


We want our children to act with the integrity that a superhero would and to champion our school values in whatever they do.

Our superhero values