Computing is part of our everyday life and for most of us is essential both at home and at school.

At Osidge, we develop Computing skills from Reception and build on the children’s knowledge, embedding technology across the curriculum in other subjects. We aim to ensure lessons are fun, stimulating, engaging and cross curricular.

To cover the National Curriculum and to ensure progression across the school we use Rising Stars, Switched on computing scheme of work. Each year group, completes six units as well as six Online Safety lessons, one each half term – little but often is the best approach for online safety.

The Computing Curriculum is split into three strands which consists of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

Computer Science– children are taught to problem solve using algorithms. They write their own codes and learn to programme. They are also provided with the opportunity to debug their code to improve it.

Information Technology – children are provided with the opportunity to organise, store and retrieve digital content. This helps them develop their vocabulary for computing.

Digital Literacy – children learn how to use devices correctly and safely as well as develop their understanding for Online Safety.

We use a range of age appropriate resources to build the children’s skills.

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