A healthy body creates a healthy mind. At Osidge, we aim to give all children the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to ensure lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. We have always recognised the positive contribution of PE, sport and physical activity to the health and well-being of our children.

We strive to provide a broad and balanced PE Curriculum which develops children’s physical competency. Gymnastics, dance, games and athletics skills are taught throughout the school. During Key Stage 2, children take part in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) through our residential programme and swimming lessons. The PE and Sport Premium money has also enabled us to hire specialist PE teachers and coaches to deliver a variety of sports in lessons including multi-sport, netball and cricket.

We want all children to enjoy PE lessons and, as a result, be highly motivated to continue beyond school. Through lessons, we aim for children to develop their physical wellbeing and fitness through increased stamina, strength and suppleness. During skills based activities and competitive games, children have opportunities to build confidence and resilience. Undoubtedly, PE allows children to develop a wide range of skills including creative, thinking, social, personal and leadership.

We recognise the importance of children doing 60 minutes of physical activity every day and, as a result, we encourage active playtimes and have opportunities for children to be active during the school day. Children at Osidge are encouraged to recognise the positive impact that physical activity has, including on their emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, we believe that physical activity has a beneficial influence on the concentration, attitude and academic success of our children. Our lunchtime sports leaders act as role models. We build in additional daily physical activity into the school day to keep children fit and energy levels high.

School sport is also very important to us at Osidge. Every year, we hold a sports day for all children on our field. We take part in a wide range of Barnet tournaments and have enjoyed much success in these. Taking part in a team activity develops collaborative skills, and competing for Osidge encourages children to work towards a common goal.

We provide an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities.

To find out about activities running in the local area out of school hours see these links: